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EcoSack produce paper sacks that provide a green solution for the collection of garden, paper and kitchen waste. Only totally sustainable papers guaranteed to biodegrade are used.

Paper sacks are the truly natural choice for the collection of paper and all organic materials. Paper sacks have characteristics no other material can match and are the logical choice for waste management.

  • Paper is from a renewable resource – trees
  • Only softwoods from Scandinavian forests are used – not hardwood from rain forests
  • Both paper and sacks are environmentally certified
  • All paper used is from cultivated forests which absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen - this is not achieved in the manufacture of any alternative sack
  • All paper used is from a fully approved Forestry Stewardship Council resource
  • The paper we use is made from tree flakes from parts of the tree that would otherwise be wasted and from process waste from the timber industry
  • Paper presents a sound environmental case.

For more information on the technical aspects of EcoSacks, please visit their website.

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